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100% of proceeds go to the nonprofit. We don't take a penny.

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I like this service. I think I'll incorporate this into my Christmas and birthday gift giving...I will definitely be sharing this with my friends.

Marcus Tyler, Aurora, CO

It’s really easy to follow and register...what a tremendous concept of giving!!

Billy Grant, Bay Area, CA

Here's what our nonprofit partners are saying...

Because Civic Nation is a national nonprofit organization, it was critical for us to partner — for free — with Give Lively to leverage their technology and marketing expertise to reach our potential donor base. We used Give Lively’s Small Token Gift Registry platform to successfully launch a long term campaign after our priorities shifted due to the political climate. We received 100% of the proceeds and Give Lively provided our donors a joyful experience. The creativity, dedication, and agile resourcefulness of Give Lively was absolutely critical in making our campaign happen!

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