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About Us

Small Token is the perfect way to give and receive meaningful charitable gifts with friends and loved ones. Donate to a nonprofit on someone’s behalf or create a personalized gift registry. With the registry, rather than getting more stuff on your next occasion, you can support causes you care about by inviting others to donate.

Ensure you receive and give gifts that mean something and do good. Say thanks, celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or holiday by crafting a card or creating a registry in a few simple steps. You and your loved ones will receive an email notification of your donations instantly, or you can schedule a gift in advance to be delivered. All proceeds go to the nonprofit of your choice.

Small Token is a product produced with love by Give Lively in the heart of NYC.

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Give Lively is a technology incubator of digital products for social good. Our mission is to modernize and democratize philanthropy, enabling people to “give better” in a more regular and rewarding way. Give Lively believes the digital tools we create should be available to everyone for free, so we ensure nonprofits receive full proceeds of user donations. Our goal is to break the tired philanthropic mold by building modern solutions for modern people (like us).

The Give Lively team was intentionally curated from a wide scope of different industries. Each individual was known for her/his energetic thought leadership in their respective field: tech, software engineering, nonprofits, e-learning, music, enterprise consulting, restaurant, and editorial. The Give Lively team members came together after achieving the success needed in their early careers to hone respective skills and now are ready to truly modernize giving. We are grateful, energized, and ready to take our expertise and use it everyday to exercise our passion for social good. We will enable the next generation of social good! Join us!

Meet The Team!

David DeParolesa

Head of Product and Employee #1

David joined Give Lively in 2015 as Head of Product and employee #1, driven by a personal social mission to help break cycles that lead to poverty, crime, and exclusion. David saw the opportunity to build great products and innovative design to encourage people to give more consciously to the nonprofit causes that need them most. David came to New York in 2009 by way of Boston and is fiercely passionate about food, politics, and of course flawless design. David’s has previously worked in digital product development at Fortune 500 companies such as American Express and Discovery. He also founded several of his own successful startups and apps: Stoop, #TurnItBlue, and Live Pantry.

David’s Small Token Gift Registry:

Stonewall Foundation, Everytown For Gun Safety, Roca, Inc.

Brooke Currence

Marketing Director

Brooke’s decision to join Give Lively was fueled by a desire to bring best in class marketing knowledge from Fortune 500 experience and put it to use for the nonprofits she is passionate about. Through her love for travel and interest in societal structures, Brooke became increasingly aware and passionate about changing socioeconomic and gender barriers to equal opportunities and achievement. Brooke made a move to New York City in 2015 from Georgia where she lived for 10 years building her marketing career. Her professional background has been largely at reputable Fortune 500 IT firms- most recently as the Partner Marketing Manager for Oracle at Hitachi Consulting. Her passions are women and girl’s empowerment, human rights, learning new cultures, meeting new people, and staying active.

Brooke’s Small Token Gift Registry:

Ms. Foundation for Women, Women for Women International, Back on my Feet

Jamie Feldman

Nonprofit Partnership Manager

Jamie's desire to join Give Lively was fueled by her commitment to be apart of a social good movement in both her professional and personal journey. She dedicated 8+ years in business development for Fortune 500 and startup tech companies, mostly focusing on training and development. Stepping outside of the private sector, Jamie began consulting for a New York City based nonprofit. This experience highlighted a deep need to shift her career path and focus on how she could work to empower and support nonprofits through deep and meaningful partnerships. As the partnership manager, Jamie works closely with our nonprofit partners to develop customized solutions that open up fundraising avenues and new donor markets. Jamie is passionate about human rights, gender equality, women's leadership, climate change and child services. She loves to spend time cooking, laughing and dancing her way through life!

Jamie’s Small Token Gift Registry:

Shanice Graves

Social Media Manager

Shanice’s decision to join Give Lively came from her hope to maximize the power of storytelling in combination with social media. She hopes her work will influence generations of social good enthusiasts to take action and impact our world. Through her love for creative writing and interest in social issues, Shanice was aware of the growing disconnect between philanthropic pursuits and technology based innovation in the nonprofit space. Shanice moved to New York City from Cincinnati, Ohio where she contributed her public relations and marketing background to the growing Midwest startup ecosystem. Her professional background has focused within the New York fashion and technology startup scene focusing on radicalizing the way tech and fashion organizations embrace digital tools. Her passions surround the arts, education, human rights, and experiencing new culture through travel.

Check out Shanice’s Small Token Gift Registry:

Children's Hospital Medical Center, American Heart Association, VH1 Save the Music Foundation

Oren Goldberg

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Oren has had a love of computers and activism for as long as he can remember. He enjoys creating apps for web and mobile, teaching, traveling, nature, and fighting for the empowerment of others. He also enjoys debugging code more than he probably should. Oren has lived in Utah, Minnesota, Florida, Missouri, and New York and comes from an international family. He has had many jobs, including radio DJ, club promoter, personal care assistant, union organizer, cook, and others, but he's most happy when he gets to combine his two passions: social justice and programming. The causes most important to Oren and why he joined Give Lively are to impact environmental, economic, and racial justice, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and rights for those with disabilities.

Check out Oren’s Small Token Gift Registry:

The Consultants

We couldn't do it without the help of our consultants, Evan Polivy on Graphics, Nathalie Smith on Paid Social Media, and Aaron Cox on Social Media Outreach.