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Support Our Troops...

Show your appreciation for the brave men and women of the Armed Services who sacrifice their lives for their country.

Vets Who Code

Vets Who Code is a veteran operated 501c3 charitable non-profit dedicated to filling the wide chasm between technical expertise needed and available with early stage transitioning veterans and active duty militaryspouses through software development training and education. more...

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Our Military Kids

Our Military Kids supports children (ages 5 – 12th grade) of deployed National Guard and Reserve service members, as well as those of wounded veterans from all service branches, with grantsthat provide up to $300 for a chosen activity. Participation in these activities helps military children cope with stress and build self-confidence while their parents are recovering or serving overseas.


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Blue Star Families

Our mission it to support, connect and empower military families. Blue Star Families is a non-profit organization, created by real military families. We are committed to supporting one another through theunique challenges of military service and asking the larger civilian population to help as well, connecting military families regardless of rank, branch of service or physical location, and empowering military family members to create the best personal and family life possible for themselves. We do this by providing both online and physical chapter-based communities and by serving as a bridge between families and support and service organizations that are striving to help make military life more sustainable. Through outreach and involvement with national and local organizations, civilian communities and government entities, Blue Star Families works hand in hand to share the pride of service, promote healthier families, aid in our military readiness and contribute to our country's strength. more...

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